I Sold My Soul to Twitter

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As all aspiring writers must do, I have sold my soul to Twitter, Facebook, and the digital age.  For years I lived happily without a Twitter account.  My Facebook page remained stagnant, used only for the occasional (and completely harmless) online stalking of friends and family members.  I knew nothing of LinkedIn or Tumbler.  But once I finished my first novel and began the arduous process of publishing the work, I quickly realized that I must emerge from my happy cave and join the digital age. One year into “building my brand”, I have come to know a few truths.

Here are my top three reasons I would like to end my deal with the devil:

(If you continue reading this, thank you!  But you may be offended.  Consider yourself warned.) Continue reading »

My Life is a Sitcom

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Proof that my life is a sitcom:

  1. A physician’s assistant once recommended that I “vacuum vigorously” as a way to combat stress, anxiety, and very serious panic attacks.  Who knew my vacuum had magical healing powers?
  2. As a southern woman, I was so unprepared to live on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that I did not realize I should never use my windshield washer spray in below freezing weather.  If you happened to be driving down Main Street in Marquette, MI in December 2006 and saw a woman driving with her head sticking out of the window because her windshield was suddenly covered with a thick sheet of ice, you saw me! Continue reading »