Becoming My Best Self

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This is perhaps the most honest post I have written thus far.  Yes, I’m a little scared.

Three weeks ago, nearly 1,000 U.S. Army privates stood on a field in front of me.  They had just completed what for many, if not all of them, were the hardest ten weeks of their young lives.  As I watched the Ft. Jackson Basic Training Graduation ceremony what struck me first was a sense of awe.  There were so many of them.  What hit me next was a tinge of jealousy.  Here were hundreds of young men and women, pledging their hearts, minds, and bodies to a cause.  I could think of very little in my life that would motivate me to run to the center of a parade field and yell my allegiance, my absolute faith and certainty.

And then as God often does, or the “Universe” as a friend recently explained her faith “Because,” she said, “God is everywhere and everything,” I was given the answer I needed.  No, a deep voice from the beyond sounding remarkably like Morgan Freeman did not say, “Jodie, my child, here is your purpose.”  Continue reading »