Catcalling From a Scooter

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“I’m cool, but I’m not catcalling-from-a-scooter cool.” That was Husband’s response to a recent experience of mine.

While walking back from Publix, I crossed through an intersection. A man on a moped scooter honked his tiny horn and yelled, “Don’tJodie Cain Smith work it all off.” He rode past me, turned to wave, ensured I knew who the odd comment came from, and then bobbled as he lost his balance for a second. Luckily, he recovered and rode away.

Did Mr. Moped really think that catcalling from a scooter was the best way to gain my affection? Did he think I would even care that some random man on a scooter (I cannot stress the scooter element enough) expressed his what? Appreciation? Concern? Awareness that I was there, and he was there?

So, as a service to the single (Lord, I hope that man is single) men of the world, here are a few words of advice when trying to attract the attention of a woman. Continue reading »