Tabata Torture Update

Yes, I went back for a second Tabata workout and made it through alive!  So what did I learn on Day 2?

1.  The beautiful Australian woman is actually from Great Britain.  Ooops.

2.  The half balance ball thingie is called a “Bosu.”  (Are you impressed by my knowledge of exercise equipment?)

3.  Receiving a high five from a 6’4″ man after completing a set of mountain climbers is great motivation to attempt another set.  (I have no clue why he was so freakishly happy while torturing himself, but he was.  I think his exercise endorphins kick in much faster than mine do.)

4.  My backside jiggles in disturbing ways when doing jacks from a plank position on the bosu.  (Go ahead, try it.  Position yourself in a plank with your hands on a bosu and your legs, feet together, stretched out behind you.  Now stay in the plank while jumping so that your legs spread as if doing a jumping jack and then come back together.  Parts of my body were bouncing that should never, ever bounce!  Thank God I was on the back row!)




17 thoughts on “Tabata Torture Update

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