Tabata Torture Challenge Update

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Three weeks ago, I finished my first Tabata challenge:  go to two Tabata workouts each week for four weeks.  During those four weeks, I also played tennis at least twice each week and attended a weekly tennis clinic.  In my original post, Torture, Tabata Style!, I promised to evaluate my results at the end of the four weeks.  Well, my results were not good.  I did lose 1/2 inch off of my waist and hips, but I gained 5 pounds!  I also ended up with a nasty case of bursitis in my right shoulder which has resulted in a 3 week doctor-mandated rest period.

So, what did I gain from my Tabata experiment?

1.  The hope that muscle does weigh more than fat.  I am truly baffled that I could exercise in such painful ways for four weeks and gain 5 pounds!  Actually, I’m pissed off.

2.  The understanding that an exercise routine should vary so that one muscle group is not overworked to the point of injury, i.e. my right shoulder, which was injured and aggravated by too many push-ups, mountain climbers, dead lifts, and tennis serves.

3.  The wisdom to listen to my body.  Rest when rest is necessary.  Rather than paying attention to the pain in my shoulder, which started during week three, I pushed through the pain, dismissing it as “just a little sore” in order to complete the four weeks.  My shoulder was not sore.  My shoulder hurt like hell.

4.  The reminder that the road to becoming a physically fit goddess is long and paved with set backs such as shoulder injuries.  (Patience, grasshopper, you’ll get there.)

5.  Acceptance of my inability to crab walk!  I celebrate this gain.  I glorify it!  I walk just fine as a human, upright on 2 legs.  I can even do it in heels.  Who cares if I am not coordinated or strong enough to crab walk?  I’ll worry about crab walking when I become a crab.